• Sequential Choice Bandits: Learning with Marketing Fatigue. (Submitted)
    Junyu Cao, Wei Sun, Zuo-jun (Max) Shen.

    Conference version:
    Dynamic Learning of Sequential Choice Bandit Problem under Marketing Fatigue. (Accepted, AAAI 2019) [pdf]
    Junyu Cao, Wei Sun.

  • Last-mile shared delivery: A discrete sequential packing approach. (Submitted) ArXiv: 1805.05012 [pdf]
    Junyu Cao, Mariana Olvera-Cravioto, Zuo-jun (Max) Shen.

  • On a general class of inhomogeneous random digraphs. (Submitted) ArXiv: 1712.03319 [pdf]
    Junyu Cao, Mariana Olvera-Cravioto.

  • Connected Population Synthesis for Urban Simulation. (Accepted, Transportation Research Part C)
    Junyu Cao*, Danqing Zhang*, Sid Feygin, Dounan Tang, Zuo-jun (Max) Shen, Alexei Pozdnoukhov.
    (* stands for equal contribution)

  • Social Discrete Choice Model. (Submitted)
    Danqing Zhang, Kimon Fountoulakis, Junyu Cao, Michael Mahoney, Alexei Pozdnoukhov.